Bottles, jugs, caps and corks

Once you have your alcohol made, you'll want to store it in something. See below for some tips on how to show off your creations!

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What container to use?

Old timer Moonshiners used mason jars for their moonshine, largely for convenience I suspect, since everyone years ago made preserves, and canning jars were common. Many people today still want that look, so canning jars are a cheap and easy way to maintain the tradition! Also, because moonshine is clear and colourless, the clear mason jars show that the product appears as it should.

For presentation however, it's sometimes nice to have a good looking bottle to put it in, and we offer a good selection here, including some unusual ones! We also offer pouring caps for serving your creations.

For storing more quantity, we have even larger jugs, including fancier ones for serving purposes!

For many bottles, regular caps can be used, but corks work great too, and look a little more traditional! We also have stoppers and pouring aids.

For gift ideas, wrap some pretty material on the top of a jar and tie with coloured string, or even regular twine! Label it and it makes a great presentation!

Also, use matching colour bottles for liqueurs you may be for lime, yellow for banana, blue for blueberry, etc.!