Molasses can either be used to make rum from scratch, or to flavour clear moonshine, Everclear or vodka to make a 'rum-like' liquor. See below for more information

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Make your own rum

To make your own rum from scratch, use molasses along with brown cane sugar to ferment a wash. You want to have a starting specific gravity of about 1.08. Don't use all molasses because it would make your wash too thick. Only about half should be molasses. Ferment to dryness then distill in a pot still.

To flavour after the fact, start with plain liquor, add some rum extract of your choice or rum essence and a couple tablespoons of molasses to a litre of alcohol. Mix very well and allow to stand for a couple days to amalgamate flavours. If you like a sweeter rum, add a bit of brown cane sugar also.