Rice is most often used in eastern or oriental style alcohols, such as Sake (rice wine) or Mekong. There are many names for distilled alcohol made with rice in different Asian countries, but it is certainly possible to do. 

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Using rice to ferment alcohol

Like other grains used to make moonshine or alcohol, rice contains a lot of starch, and will still need the addition of an enzyme to ferment properly, but if you want to try it, it should ferment easily!

If you want to keep your alcohol 100% pure rice, use an amylase enzyme to convert the starches in the rice. 

You need to cook the rice, then let it cool to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit before adding malted grain or amylase enzyme. Stir it in briskly and you'll see the thickened, starchy rice thin out as the starch is converted to sugar. Then it's ready to ferment once it cools to below 90 degrees F. You still need a good yeast though!

Flavoured or scented rice (such as Jasmin) present a possibility to experiment with, but use a pot still to retain the flavour and aromas of the rice.

As with other grains, buy rice in larger quantities for a better price.