Specialty, Premium Sugars

There are quite a few choices in this category, including maple sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar, agave syrup, blue agave, muscavado sugar, rock sugar, yacon syrup, mascobado cane sugar, coconut sugar, cocunut palm sugar, many organic. See below for a few tips! 

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Fermenting specialty sugars

These specialty sugars and syrups can all add wonderful flavours to your alcohol for sweetening after the fact, or use them to ferment an original liquor! Blue Agave is the sugar used to produce Tequila. You can make a wash using blue agave syrup, then ferment the end product. Start with a hydrometer reading of about 1.08 sugar content...simply add agave syrup to clean water and take readings along the way until you reach 1.08 on the scale. Then ferment to dryness (until sugar is all used up), and pot distill the wash. Poof...tequila!

You can produce a maple liquor the same way as a matter of fact, you can use any of the specialty sugars here by following that example to produce a unique liquor.

Maple syrup also makes a lovely liqueur when mixed with plain vodka, moonshine or grain alcohol. Depending on your sweet tooth, mix up to 1/3 syrup to 2/3 alcohol...use less syrup if you don't want it so sweet!