WYeasts for beer & ale

There are a lot of different varieties of yeasts on the market, and some are particularly made for beer and ale, along with mead. Wyeast offers a wide variety of these, and are offered here for those interested. 

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Although largely a site for moonshine and making liquors, there is nothing wrong with using a beer or ale yeast, especially if you are making a grain mash. Often these yeasts will compliment the flavour of a grain mash or wash, since beers and ales are largely made with grain.

Be aware that these will, for the most part, result in a lower alcohol ferment. This won't cause any problems, but you won't need as much sugar to ferment out the yeast as you would if using a turbo yeast to produce vodka or plain alcohol. As mentioned previously, various yeasts will tolerate different levels of alcohol in solution before dying. Some only ferment to about 10 percent alcohol by volume, while others, such as turbo yeasts can reach over 20 percent.

So buy yeast by knowing your end goal. If you are only seeking to make a plain alcohol, stick to a turbo yeast that gives you the maximum alcohol return. If you are pot distilling and looking for a 'grain flavor', experiment with some beer or ale yeast and see how you like it!