Barrels and bungs

Barrels are used to store and help age a variety of spirits, moonshine and liquors. See below for more information about barrels.

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About wooden barrels

For centuries, barrels have been used to age wine and spirits. Usually American or French oak is used, and are available with a variety of 'toastings'. Toasting is essentially charring the inside of the barrel. This charring adds flavour to the spirit, and helps mellow it over time.

It is important to keep it fairly full at all times, so buy one that will suit your production! Don't buy a huge one expecting to fill it 'some day', that won't work! Better to buy a couple small ones and keep them full.

There are also levels of toastings, from light to heavy. The heavier the toasting, the stronger the 'smokey' flavour will be. If you are uncertain, it's better to get a light or medium toasting and age it a little longer. It's not possible to remove the charred flavour, other than blending it with another un-oaked liquor.

Some whiskies, especially Scotch, benefit by a more heavy oaking.