Liquor and Wine storage

It's always a good idea to store your alcohol properly, and we have everything from small wall racks to large floor model refrigerated units for those favorite quality wines. Whether you want to properly store your liquor, show a little class or just rack a quantity of moonshine, wine or other alcohol, you'll find a wide range of options here. See below for some tips on how to store your alcohol.

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How to store wine and liquor

Ok, you've gone to the trouble to make a nice wine, liquor or liqueur and have it nicely labeled. Or maybe you're an oenophile or wine collector who wants to have a nice selection of varieties on hand! Now you need to store it properly in order to keep it safely preserved!

It's best to store your wine and liquor under cool conditions, generally between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and in low light. More important however, is that the temperature doesn't fluctuate more than a few degrees up or down. Humidity should also be above 50 percent, especially if storing corked liquor. Being a natural 'food', proper storage helps keep it at its best.

Generally, the higher the alcohol content, the better the preservation ability of the drink. So high proof alcohols, such as moonshine, don't need refrigeration to perserve them, although it certainly can't hurt. And, some are best served cold!

Wine and lower alcohol content liquors or liqueurs, especially 'cream' liqueurs should be refrigerated, especially after opening.

In any case, never store your alcohol above the kitchen refrigerator, or anywhere that experiences large swings in temperature. Heat is not your friend for keeping any food or drink!

So have a look through this category to find a refrigerated unit to conveniently hold and preserve your bottles. Or, find an attractive shelving unit or display unit to show off your efforts!