Flavourings, essences and extracts

Once you have produced a vodka or moonshine, you may wish to flavour it...make it into some kind of liqueur or a specific style of drink such as rum or gin. See below for tips on how to do it!


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Using essences and extracts

Many different kinds of flavourings exist, and are used for exactly that. Essences are available for a wide variety of liquors and liqueurs and are simply added to a bottle of plain alcohol (you can use commercial grain alcohol, everclear, etc. if you don't want to produce your own), to make your favorite style of drink! You simply add a quantity of the flavour to the alcohol until the flavour you want is achieved. Sometimes for liqueurs you may also need to add a little sugar or simple syrup to sweeten it, depending on the drink you're making. Sometimes this sweetness will be already in the flavour syrup.

If the essence is made specifically for alcohol, the mixing instructions will be on the label. However, you can also use drink mixes and flavour syrups originally made for other foods and drinks in order to produce a wide range of liqueurs! Because these can be different concentrations, it may take a little trial and error to mix properly, but use small quantities of each until you get the flavour you want, then mix a larger batch! 

You can also use flavour extracts, such as those found in the baking section of food stores, along with some sweetener to make your own liqueurs.

Whatever you produce, won't your friends be impressed when you tell them you 'made it yourself'!! You'll be the hit of the party!!