Moonshine Stills 2" Copper Reflux Column


Moonshine Stills 2" Copper Reflux Column

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Manufacturer Description

This 2" diameter x 28" tall Copper Reflux Column comes with a Dephlegmator (used to control proof), a 3/4" x 25" Shotgun Condenser and a commercial grade thermometer with a 3" face. This also comes with the 2" tri clamp and gasket for attaching the column to your still or Sanke type beer keg. This column is a capable of distilling 130 to 180 Proof. You can make Fuel Ethanol With this Column in 1 run. All of our Copper Heads and Columns are Tig welded using Food Grade DHP Copper Welding Rod. This means that the welds are as strong or stronger than the surrounding metal. This DHP copper Rod melts at around 1,700° F while the Solder that our competitors use melts at around 400°F. Solder joints are not nearly as strong as our welds, plus solder is messy, runs and gets all over the metal, while our welds are tight, clean and pretty. This copper pot still head has a 2" stainless tri clamp ferrule that will attach to a sanke type beer keg or any of our 3 to 8 gallon boilers. Comes complete with operating instructions. Commercial Grade Thermometer with a 3" Face. 2" Tri Clamp Stainless Ferrule Connection Welded to the Base of the Column for Connecting to Still. 2" Tri Clamp with Gasket for Connecting the Column to the Still. 2" Tri Clamp Dephlegmator Connection with 2" Tri Clamp and Gasket. Removable Copper Shot Gun Condenser. Two 5/8" Hose Barb Connections on the Dephlegmator for Cooling Water. Two 5/8" Hose Barb Connections on The Condenser for Cooling Water. Super Heavy Duty Construction Using Food Grade Copper Welding Rod and Heavy Gauge Copper. Enough Copper Packing to Fill the Column.

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2" Copper Reflux Column

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