Wyeast Activator 2206 - Bavarian Lager by Wyeast


Wyeast Activator 2206 - Bavarian Lager by Wyeast

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Description of Wyeast Activator 2206 - Bavarian Lager from Wyeast

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Manufacturer Description

Produced in August 2013 More Yeast With a minimum of 100 billion cells per package, the 125 ml ActivatorTM has the highest cell count of any ready to pitch fresh 100% Pure Liquid YeastTM product on the market. Built-in Activation The Wyeast Smack PackTM is the only package on the market that provides proof of yeast activity before use. You know the yeast is active before it goes into your wort. Ready to Pitch The 125 ml ActivatorTM is ready to pitch immediately, or for an added boost, activate the yeast when you start brewing and pitch it in its active state by the time the wort is cool. The ActivatorTM gives the brewer options no other package can deliver. Faster Starts You will achieve faster starts with the ActivatorTM because of the high cell count and the fact that the yeast is active when it hits the wort. When yeast is active, sugar is already being transported across the cell membrane which greatly reduces lag time. Longer Shelf Life The ActivatorTM package was designed with superior UV light- and oxygen-barrier material to extend shelf life, making our 6 month from manufacture date Product Warranty possible. Yeast slowly depletes energy reserves while in storage. The nutrient pouch inside the ActivatorTM helps the stored yeast recover from dormancy and restores vitality.

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