Corn, Cracked Corn

For many years, corn has been the grain of choice for moonshiners and producers of alcohol. It produces a smooth taste, with a good starch content. If in season, you can use fresh corn to produce alcohol, but most of the year that won't be an option. 

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When using dry grain, cracked corn is easier to use than whole corn, since the smaller the pieces, the more surface area is exposed, making cooking and starch release much faster! So when you buy corn, ask to buy cracked corn to make your life easier!

Whatever your source for corn, don't use treated or medicated corn! Seed corn from farm supply stores can be treated with coatings that may help the crop, but won't help your alcohol, and you sure wouldn't want to drink it! Same with feed that may be treated for animal use. Be sure to buy untreated or uncoated corn or grain.

Don't forget to use some kind of malted grain or amylase enzyme with your mash to convert the starch into sugar! This applies to any grain you choose, but using malted corn (10 to 20 percent) with cracked corn will give you a 100% authentic corn whiskey...or moonshine if you want to call it that!